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Software development to improve your company productivity

Experts in Creating Technological Experiences

Mobile Apps

Mobility, communication & productivity solutions

Business Platforms

Technology integration for process manage

Big data

Processing of large sources of information


We Seek to Improve the Companies Performance

Solutions for managing large-scale information and tools for collaboration

Routes and Geolocation

Design work routes, place your staff and assign tasks on their devices.

Evidence and Audits

Easily generate reports and obtain detailed evidence at any time.

Information Sync

Even without an Internet connection your employees can follow up their work plans.

Projects and Tasks

Create forms to gather information in the field and consolidate information.

Sales Tools

Improve the relation with your customers, increase your sales and manage your work force.

Work Force in the Field

Collaborate in real-time and anywhere with your work team, assign tasks and manage your projects.

Inventory Management

Manage warehouses, inventory movements and achieve control your company’s assets.

Detailed Information

Obtain detailed information about what happens in the workplace without worrying about consolidate it.

Methodology for Solutions Development

Our methodology has been proven with success in hundreds of projects. Learn more about our offer.

Design & Prototyping

We jointly design the solution that your company requires; we test it and stress it to make sure that it is what the business case really requires.

Design & Construction

With our proprietary framework we are able to develop the requirements on time so that the process that you need to control is efficient.

Product Release

We test again and again to make sure that your operation will be successful; then we give control to your team so the can be self-sufficient.

Value Added

Development Framework

We have a proprietary, secure and robust development platform to create tools that improve your business performance.

Reduces the Investment of Time and Money.

Our framework is equivalent to having the pieces of a puzzle. You choose the design you want to obtain and we will arrange it for you.

We have components that allow us to custom design those systems and modules that you require to operate efficiently. You will also get tools that will help you optimize other processes and integrate them into a single platform.

  • Investment
  • Optimization of Processes
  • Time Invested
  • Satisfaction

Mobile Apps Development

GPS & Tracking

Monitor in real time the performance and location of your collaborators


Task & activities assignment. Creates work plans over time

Inventory Management

It facilitates the control of your products. Collection, delivery and transfers

Obtain Evidence

Take pictures, signatures, notes and audio. Automate reports.

Process Follow-up

Track activities and control the flow of operations

Mobile Point of Sale

Show your products and register orders, even without internet.



Our Products

Management tools for your collaborators in order to obtain information and improve processes.

Monitor your team performance in the field, assign tasks and obtain information in real time. Capture forms from any device.
Field Activities Management

Develop and evaluate your work team performance. Recruitment portal, competency assessment and training .
Human Capital & Productivity

Online training platform capable to manage your employees’, business partners’ and customers’ training.
Field LMS
Training & Communication

Plan and execute projects, assign tasks and share work files. Collaborate with your work team and organize the information in one place.


A system that allows you to distribute the workload for a better customer service. Improve your service level and get performance metrics.

Service Tickets Allocation

Mobile Point of Sale & Cashier.
Point of Sale

Optimize Performance

Profitability, Optimization and Information

Improve your operations performance and achieve a higher profitability. Investing in technology for your company is a smart decision.

Investing in technology is synonymous of growth. Our experts focus on designing solutions and processes that will make your operation more agile, reducing risks and wastes so that you get a better profitability.
Take the leadership on your processes and manage in a smart way your business activities. It gives collaboration tools that will let you know the performance and facilitate your collaborators work.
We have managed to close the cycle data collection by adapting ourselves to the situations that your collaborators face. With this on mind, we can provide tools that allow you to obtain secure and first-hand information. Eliminating recaptures and rework.

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